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A Belief Statement for the New Millennium
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Creating your own Belief Statement -
This page is just some of the things to consider.
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A Belief Statement is briefly defined as a set of principles or a body of understanding that one uses to determine their personal concept of self. It is the basis of making up just who we are and how we interact with the world around us. It drives our hopes, fears and actions. Our beliefs make us who we are.
We find that many in today's world lack a foundation on which to adequately develop their own sense of self. Hence many live a life without experiencing true Joy.
Many can not adequately cope with the events of their lives. They fail to attain their full Spiritual potential.
Current Belief Systems and Religions fall short. Questions are unresolved.
Your Personal set of Beliefs

To achieve true individual strength each of us must create our own set of personal beliefs.

This set of beliefs must help us achieve and maintain a healthy emotional state of being.

They should enable and equip us with the ability to cope with all that we encounter in our lives.
A word of caution

You may have to unlearn what you have become.

You may have to stop going down the path you are currently on.

You may have to reawaken your desire to take chances.

You are welcome to read these pages to see if they are of  interest. 

All are welcome,
any faith, any belief.
Observe and question, understanding will follow.

Expect change to take place, expect that you yourself will go through a rediscovery period, a period of growth.  You may need to say goodbye to the old you and perhaps that world you had though that you lived in.

Read - not only the materials presented here but eslewhere as well.
Keep an open mind and an open heart - leave preconceptions to the past.

Accept that you don't know everything - that there is always more to learn, that your depth of understanding can and will grow.

Get out in the world - spiritual growth is not just quiet moments alone.  Volunteer, join groups anything that gets you out interacting with others.  You will see that spiritual growth also includes the ability to cope with the world.

Look for role models. Seek out those that live a valued life, seek to understand them and they values they accept and live.
Some Fundamental Steps

Start keeping a journal:
not electronic - not a blog - the physical act of writing envokes a deeper level of awareness in the mind and in the heart. Don't try for profound statements of wisdom - keep it simple at the beginning.  Keep it to short phrases or even one word at a time.  Depth of meaning will come with time and experience.

Start spending time in silence: there are far too many distractions for our mind and spirit to express their true voice.  We often are just reflecting an image that we have seen in others thinking that it is desirable and we try to quickly make it our own.

Decide what is truly important to you:
True individual growth can be a lonely endeavor, your values may well change from those around you. You must be willing to make the commitment to seek what you truly value.

Give your self time.  So often we are looking for quick fixes and instant results.  True growth takes time.  Don't look for big flashes of insight or epiphanies, allow the little ones.  They will add up to big changes in your life.  The road to maturity is made up of a lot of little epiphanies not just the big ones.
Let the statement take its own form - changing over time.

Write what you do know.
Write a statement of what you believe.
Write why it is so
Write how you live it.

Write what you wish to become.
Write a statement about what you want.
Write why you want it.
Write how you will lve it.

Accept what you have to do to achieve what you want.

For many this will be the hardest thing to do.
Many will have to change who they are.
Many will be too afraid to take this path.
Write what is keeping you from being who you want to be.
Write what you have to change.
Let it become a tool to help you explore your thoughts a way to help you reslove issues.

By writing you can better explore yourself.

You will have to look at the pieces of your life, how they are connected. Then you can influence your behavior.

Your sense of self will grow.  Your ability to cope with life's events will be strengthened.

Allow it to help your State of Joy grow.
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